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Thursday Night Live: T2 Challenge: Encore Presentation

By USA Table Tennis | Oct. 16, 2020, 12 a.m. (ET)

This week featured two national team players from Southern California: Rachel Yang and Alex Wu. Although both players play defensive styles, the TNL audience was treated to an assortment of offensive loops, smashes and pick hits.

Rachel came out strong and took the first two games with well placed chops while Alex tried to find his range with his forehand attacks. In games three and four, Alex started landing his big shots and pressured Rachel into riskier play and evened the match at 2-2.  Rachel regained her patience and won the pivotal game five after a see-saw battle 11-7 as time expired on the 24 minute clock mid-game.

The 6th game was played under the Fast 5 format of the first to 5 points wins and Rachel took the first point quickly.  Alex evened up the score with forehand attack and then bolted to a 4-2 lead with a series of powerful drives and well-placed forehand rips.  Rachel dug deep and never gave an inch to run out the game and the match 5-4 to claim the match and notch another win in the battle of the genders for the ladies. Watch the 6th Game in Fast 5 Format below.

Next week's encore presentation will be Nick Tio vs. Ted Li again at California Table Tennis.  Match Time is 9pm EST and 6pm PST. 

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