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Benefits of Becoming a USATT Certified Coach

By Joshua Dyke | Oct. 06, 2020, 2 p.m. (ET)

The USATT Online Coaching Certification program is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to teach the game they know and love. Whether you want to coach table tennis players that compete on the national stage or be joined by friends and family to have weekend matches in your recreation room; these are moments where coaching certification would be a welcome addition to enhance the quality of play and the spirit of the game.

The coach certification courses are also for players that desire to pass on their knowledge and passion for the game of table tennis. Table tennis coaches may start on a pathway to success by signing up for the USATT Online Coaching Certifications. Certified coaches can explore career opportunities as they move up through the coaching ranks of the online certification programs provided USATT. Career opportunities such as becoming a coach at a USATT Club, or the chance to become a private coach. One of the prestigious opportunities available through the certification courses is to get certified as USATT National Coaching ranks. The online coach certifications start with the foundation of the club level coach certification where USATT Coaches learn to teach table tennis players at the beginner level. Certifications then move to the state level coach and regional level coach certifications where coaches learn to develop the talent of their students by sharpening their playing techniques and strategies skill level and player ratings increase. The national level coach certification course will teach dedicated coaches to develop the very best talent as their students compete at the national and international levels of competition.

As USATT Coaches get more involved in their respective clubs and throughout the table tennis community, every coach has the ability to build up the sport of table tennis and the students they teach. When it comes to coach and student, you may be surprised to see who inspires who. To find out more information on becoming a USATT Club Coach Certification please visit