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Club Feature of the Week (10) - The Houston International Table Tennis Academy

By Michael Reff | May 05, 2020, 4 p.m. (ET)

The Houston International Table Tennis Academy (HITTA) is located in Katy, TX, and is home to an amazing group of professional coaches. Housed within an expansive 11,000 square feet of practice space, Principal Hui Wang leads the stellar table tennis trainers with a wealth of experience, from coaching in China to training several U.S. National team members including U.S. Olympian and U.S. Champion Yijun Feng.


According to Principal Wang’s management assistant Coach Wantong Liu, HITTA has been quite the active club since its inception in July 2016. “In addition to the daily training, we have also regularly held USATT tournaments, Houston leagues, and various other activities to promote table tennis in the past four years,” Coach Liu said.

Just last February HITTA reprised its Olympic promotion role by hosting one leg of the Road to LA 2028 Olympic Hopes tour to young aspiring table tennis athletes. Two-time Olympian Jimmy Butler along with the 2016 Rio Olympian Yijun Feng was there to provide motivation and advice.


By no means is the shutdown benefiting the hardworking coaching staff and members, however, Coach Liu noted that they as trainers have not eased their students’ practice routines:

“For those advanced players who participate in USATT tournaments, we guide them through physical training five days a week through Zoom. This helps them improve their muscle strength, cardiopulmonary endurance, and other physical qualities. For players who are just beginning to learn table tennis, we have recorded some introductory videos to help them practice correctly at home.”


As one may observe, technology has kept the coaching/student dynamic strong enough to last through these trying times.


In the meantime, Coach Liu has positive thoughts for the future. She states that once the Coronavirus pandemic subsides, HITTA will get back to working with USATT on more events and keep on endorsing and participating in the great Olympic sport of table tennis.


Here’s to getting back to the tables soon HITTA!


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