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2020 US Olympic Trials - The Staff

By Larry Hodges | March 01, 2020, 12:16 p.m. (ET)

Some of the US Olympic Trials staff. L-R: Stephen Hess, Josh Dyke, Ed Dickman, Tammy Kuypers, Mark Thompson, Tammy Liddie, David Del Vecchio, Sean O'Neill, Virginia Sung, Ross Brown, Bruce Liu, Doru Gheorghe, Larry Hodges. Photo by David Zhang.

Isn't it amazing how you can show up at a tournament, and magically, all the tables and barriers are set up? And those draws just magically appear? And there might just happen to be umpires lounging about, ready when needed? Yep, it's magic.

Here is the staff that brought you the 2020 US Olympic Trials!!!


  • CEO Virginia Sung - in overall charge, makes sure everything happens, including getting lunch delivered to the poor workers below.

  • COO Mark Thompson - Virginia's right-hand man, and in charge of the logistics of equipment and flooring

  • USATT Treasurer Tammy Kuypers - give her your money.

  • High Performance Director Sean O'Neill - communicates info to the players, but also in charge of setting up of the playing hall and moving barriers around.

  • Trials Director and Deputy Referee Linda Hsing - yes, double duty.

  • Referee Joe Yick - the final word on anything.

  • Competition Director Doru Gheorghe - does just about everything.

  • Competition Manager Mas Hashimoto - runs the computer, including inputting results, and kept me supplied with results for my writeups.

  • Media Director Matt Hetherington - who put up the articles.

  • Writer Larry Hodges - who wrote a little.

  • Photographer Bruce Liu - who took a few (zillion) pictures.

  • Announcer and USATT legal counsel Stephen Hess - don't mess with him.

  • Videographer David Del Vecchio - brought eight of his own video cameras (he has many more!), one for each table, and videotaped every single match. They can't be put online publicly - NBC Sports has rights to that - but they are for the US National Team Coaches and Players to study.

  • Safesport Specialist Josh Dyke - and also helps with setup.

  • USADA Liaison Ross Brown - the certified certificate certifier

  • USOPC Representative Tammy Liddie

  • Umpires: Saul Weinstein IU, Bella Livshin IU, Hiro Moriyasu NU, Steve Lee NU, Wang Zeheng (Eric) NU, Marina Cravens NU, Emily Lee RU, Helen Prusakov RU, Jean Bulatao CU, He Kan CU, Midori Pesyna CU, Andrew Wai CU, Deborah Weiss CU

  • Scorekeepers: Alvin Kong, Jason Lau, Larry Berlant, Alex Yu