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Still More Table Tennis Tips Book by Larry Hodges

By USATT Director of Communications - Chad Knasinski | June 09, 2020, 6:18 p.m. (ET)



Still More Table Tennis Tips

Still More Table Tennis Tips, the latest book by Larry Hodges, is now on sale at Amazon, in both print and kindle. It includes 150 Tips of the Week that he wrote from 2017 to the present at, organized in logical order and progression, with much of the wording updated and cleaned up. It's the third in the series, after Table Tennis Tips and More Table Tennis Tips.


The book is 187 pages with seven chapters:

  1. Serve and Receive (15 tips)
  2. Strokes (23 tips)
  3. Footwork (10 tips)
  4. Tactics (45 tips)
  5. Improving (37 tips)
  6. Sports Psychology (17 tips)
  7. Doubles (3 tips)


Hodges is a member of the USATT Hall of Fame and was awarded the 2018 USATT Lifetime Achievement Award. He's a USATT certified National Coach, a two-time USATT Coach of the Year (Developmental and Doc Counsilman Science Award), a former two-time chair of the USATT Coaching Committee (of which he is still a member), a Level 2 ITTF Coach, and has coached professionally at the Maryland Table Tennis Center for most of the last 30 years. He is also the author of the best-selling Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers and the table tennis fantasy novel The Spirit of Pong. This is his ninth book on table tennis and 17th overall.