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USATT Introduces New Rating Access Subscription

By USATT | Jan. 27, 2020, 3:06 p.m. (ET)


Non-USATT Members Can Gain Access to the USATT Rating System and Individual Rating Display for Twelve Month Period with Newly Implemented Subscription Program

January 27, 2020, Colorado Springs, CO –
USA Table Tennis announced today the introduction of a new Rating Access Subscription.

Effective February 1, 2020, access to the USATT Rating System and Individual Rating display for both Tournaments and Leagues will only be available to current USATT members and, for a twelve-month period, to players who participate in a USATT Sanctioned Tournament on a Tournament Pass or who sign up for the new Rating Access Subscription.

The twelve-month Rating Access Subscription will cost $15 and, beginning February 1, will be available for purchase through an individual’s USATT on-line profile portal.

The new Ratings Access Subscription will have no effect on current USATT members and their benefits.

All players who have participated in a USATT Sanctioned Tournament on a Tournament Pass since January 1, 2020, will continue to have access to the USATT Rating System for one year from the date of that tournament.

In preparation for tournament play, USATT Tournament Directors will still have full access to the rating history for all persons who have previously played in a USATT Sanctioned Tournament.

The new Rating Access Subscription is part of an effort by USATT to prioritize services for current members and active tournament participants. This effort includes an on-going project to upgrade all USATT web-based services, which will include the reduction of duplicate entries in the tournament and ratings systems and the integration of critical dates for completion of the SafeSport Tutorial and required Background Checks.

We are looking forward to offering many new features to serve our members and clubs to greater benefit the table tennis community.

For more questions contact:
Ethan Figge
Director of Memberships, Ratings and Database Management