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Cape Fear TTC: Slow and Steady Development Is the Way to Go!

By Michael Reff | Jan. 23, 2020, 3:17 p.m. (ET)

Cape Fear Table Tennis Club

There are many table tennis clubs throughout the USA that are performing exemplary work in their local community and beyond. Cape Fear TTC is one such facility that has slowly and steadily risen in popularity over the past two years.

Originally created in 2009, the club is based out of Fayetteville, NC and operates on Monday and Thursday evenings. There are five tables and plenty of ponging passion to go around.

According to Tony Murnahan, Cape Fear TTC’s media guy and coach, part of the club’s mission is “To provide coaching guidance, playing venues and equipment for club members and guests, and encourage participation in tournament play throughout the country.” Murnahan is a wearer of several other hats, one being a pivotal role on USATT’s Media team, instrumental in creating and editing excellent Youtube and video content.

And just how well have Cape Fear TTC been following up on their credo?

Murnahan says since 2018, their table tennis community has increased in membership 9-fold, from 4 regular participants to 36 active ones. “We host tournaments biannually that sell out, our last one in one week! Many have [sic] players have informed us we run the best 0-Star USATT sanctioned tournament in the country. We are proud to offer high-quality tournaments to our players.”

So, how do Cape Fear TTC maintain and grow their loyal following? The answer is building a strong table tennis infrastructure as well as vigorous promotion of their venue on Facebook and other online platforms, Murnahan states. He also says of late, they have been instructing the “next generation” on the ins and outs of managing a club and events, as well as establishing a place where members are able to substantially develop.

And, regarding his coaching style that assists in bolstering Cape Fear TTC’s membership, Murnahan modestly observes,

“I have been a student of TT since day one. It’s been my goal to give back by sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I feel the way I coach not only helps the student improve, but it creates a ripple effect where these players are teaching each other.”

One more factor that cannot be overlooked is the addition of Cape Fear TTC’s President Amy Karpinski. She started in February 2018 and has been taking the club to new heights ever since. “We are so grateful to our President, Amy Karpinski, and her professional network of people who are stepping in and making things happen,” Murnahan remarks.

Yes, things are lookthe club with humble beginnings. Just last week they even secured a larger facility to conduct future 2 star and 4-star events in the months and years to come. “We are beyond thrilled to have the city of Fayetteville and local businesses stepping to sponsor these tournaments!” Murnahan exclaims.

The future goal is to become a fulltime facility, however Murnahan is content with the progress made thus far. “We're perfectly fine with winning the race slowly and consistently,” he says. And indeed, with steady development occurring in the prospering club, Cape Fear TTC is the proverbial Table Tennis Tortoise to the Hare. Much success in the future!