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USATT Adopts New Slogan - "Keep Life in Play, Keep Play in Life"

By Matt Hetherington | Jan. 06, 2020, 12:44 p.m. (ET)

USA Table Tennis opted to adopt the new slogan "Keep Life in Play, Keep Play in Life" as 2019 closed out, ushering in 2020 with some special reminders about what makes our sport so amazing. 

The philosophy was coined by USATT Chief Operating Officer, Mark Thompson, who explained it in his words:

"The new slogan was an effort to highlight the importance of generating the energy, effort and enthusiasm necessary to ‘keep the ball in play’ in everything we do in life – while also maintaining the sheer child-like innocence and joy created by participating in sport – and particularly table tennis – in our everyday lives."

The wordplay also represents the mirror-like back and forth of the game of table tennis, and a reminder to just keep pushing forward in everything you do.

Table Tennis is a sport for life!