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USA Table Tennis Congratulates Newly Certified Coaches

By Josh Dyke | Dec. 29, 2020, 10:30 p.m. (ET)


(Colorado Springs, CO – December 28, 2020) – USA Table Tennis (“USATT”), the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis congratulates the participants of the USATT Online Coach Certification Program for 2020. The pandemic has shuffled the world of table tennis, and in response, the decision was made to revamp coaching certification into an online course. The course certification takes place in an online setting that revolves around training videos and content-driven test questions. The process of updating and reformatting the certification program allows in-depth training for new table tennis coaches. At the forefront of designing the online Club Coaching Course, instructors; Pieke Franssen, Gao Jun, and Dave Fullen have immersed themselves in their respective roles to guide up and coming coaches within table tennis.


Course instructor, Dave Fullen on interacting with course students, “I really enjoyed playing a role in the development of the club coaching course. And as a course instructor, it’s exciting to see new coaches get certified, learn about their experiences as new coaches, hear their goals, and watch the sport expand throughout the US.”


The coaching certification courses are designed as fully online courses. The goal met was to fit the training requirements and create a certification program accessible to all aspiring new coaches while avoiding obstructive pandemic regulations of the more traditional in-person coaching courses. The course content was carefully selected to fit the beginner Club Level Coach using a brand-new detailed training video system partnered alongside live video training with National Coach instructors.


“Due to travel restrictions and the current situations revolving around the Coronavirus, I was grateful for the opportunity to still be able to attain my club coach certification,” said Ryan Day, Club Coach of San Antonio, Texas. “The course covered the basic fundamentals, included informational videos, and was easy to navigate. The one-on-one with an experienced coach was extremely beneficial as well. Overall, for a program that was just created, I would recommend to anyone eager to learn the fundamentals of table tennis and those that want to become a club coach.”


Passionate new coach, Shuang Wang, Club Coach of New York, N.Y. shared, “I am originally from Tianjin, China and have been involved in professional table tennis activities since I was 11 years old. I will be glad to assist students in daily table tennis practices, drills, strategies, improving their game, and health!”


USA Table Tennis is honored to congratulate the 2020 Club Coach Course participants. With this enthusiastic new wave of coaches, we are eager to see their accomplishments while they grow as people and as coaches within the sport of table tennis. Find more information on USA Table Tennis Coach Certification.

Congratulations 2020 Club Coach Certification Course Participants:

Francisco Adriazola                          Qiao Jiao                                              Shuang Wang

Jose David Bonilla                            Rajko Gommers                                Gong Zhang

Lewis Chen                                         Raul Caballero Montes                  Logan Zimmerman

Ryan Day                                             Imesh Ranasingha

Joe Enders                                          Johnny Tat

Josh Dyke