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Club Feature of the Week (5)- Broward Table Tennis Club

By Michael Reff | April 14, 2020, 7:03 p.m. (ET)

According to their website, Broward Table Tennis Club is one of 11 table tennis institutions assigned the moniker “National Club of Excellence.” And there’s no wonder the club has received such an honor. With 19 excellent tables, 17,500 square feet of space and professional blue flooring, the club has grown from humble beginnings as a small, once a week facility to a full-time center, intent on developing table tennis youth and promoting amazing tournaments, leagues, and events.


The club boasts a world-class coaching roster with former World Ranked no. 1 and multiple Paralympic Medalist Terese Terranova along with Colombian star Lady Ruano, to name a couple of well-known table tennis figures.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Broward Table Tennis Club, as with all other table tennis facilities in the US, is temporarily closed. Club owner Carlos Zeller expressed his concerns about the closure, offering this analogy, “It feels like you are in a taxi with the clock running not knowing when you are going to get to your destination.”


In the interim, Zeller has been proactive by reaching out to his members, offering emotional support. “I am contacting all the members to just stay in touch and express our concern about them, together with their families and reassuring them that as soon as we get the green light from the government we will open our doors,” he says.


For now, at least one of their tournaments is canceled and most likely, Zeller says, they won’t be able to run an event in June as well. Zeller is optimistic though that once they can reopen, they will continue their tournament schedule, coaching classes, and clinics, along with running more exclusive events like the December State Senior Championships.


So, what words of advice does Zeller have for his members?  “I tell the players to stay positive, to continue exercising and to play on any makeshift table if they don't have a real one so their mind keeps busy and they don't get depressed.  This eventually shall pass and that we will come out stronger.”


This exemplary act of kindness reflects the #pongpositive message and shows how resilient Broward Table Tennis Club and its members really are.