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Common Questions of FH loop and Their Solutions Part 1

By Qingliang Wang | Nov. 19, 2019, 8:53 p.m. (ET)

Qingliang Wang Forehand
Question 1: How can I get more spin with my forehand loop?

Spin is one of the most important elements in Table Tennis. Most intermediate and even some advanced players often have a hard time getting more spin with their FH loop. Here are some tips that can help these players. 
First of all, using the wrist properly is crucial for spinny FH loops. There are three keys to using the wrist when looping with FH. First, before contacting the ball, relax your arm and make sure your wrist is opened - the tip of your paddle should point to the right side when you do this for right-handed players. This is so your wrist is ready to turn into the ball as you are contacting it.
Next, at contact, use power from your fingers by tightening them up suddenly. When you do this, your wrist should also turn automatically - make sure it does. At contact make sure to brush the ball, not hit straight on. 
Finally, after contact, your arm should follow through. This will make the contact more stable. And don’t forget to recover your wrist to neutral position, so that it is ready to open again for the next shot.

It is also important to remember that spin is created by accelerating. This means that in order to create spinny forehand loops, one needs to build up a lot of speed into the stroke.

This skill is achieved by activating different parts of the body and my transferring energy from the ground into the ball. To achieve this you need to ensure that your center of gravity is low, you push through the front part of your foot to achieve explosive power. The power transfers through your legs and then from your hips to your core.

It is important to turn through the ball contact with your core in order to maximize your acceleration into the ball, this - combined with suitable use of the wrist and arm stroke, will help create heavy amounts of topspin.

I believe if one follows these steps, then with practice, he or she will be able to improve the spin quality and amount on their loops.