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US Team World Cup Athletes Granted Operation Gold Awards by USOPC

By Matt Hetherington | Nov. 14, 2019, 11:59 a.m. (ET)

It was quite a week for the US Table Tennis teams in Japan as both the Men and Women captured some impressive results. The Men defied the odds by upsetting Sweden in the last match of the tie to advance, while the Women's team rallied together to defeat Austria.

While the results created quite a buzz on the international table tennis scene, the run came to a close as both teams ran into China. China, the eventual champions, were able to repel the best efforts of the US teams, who would finish 5th.

On the back of these strong results, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee has awarded both teams with Operation Gold Awards. 

The awards are designed to reward top performances in the highest level international events, with World Championship and World Cup events the focus in non-Olympic/Paralympic years. 

Due to an increased budget starting from 2017, the Operation Gold Awards have continued to expand, and USATT became recipients for the first time after these excellent results. Accordingly as award recipients, the team players - Kanak Jha, Yijun Feng, Kai Zhang and Lily Zhang, Wu Yue and Amy Wang all received an award payment of $3750USD each.

Congratulations to the players on their deserving awards and to Coach Gao Jun for her exceptional support of the Teams during this event.