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USATT Website Under Maintenance

By Matt Hetherington | May 30, 2019, 2:11 a.m. (ET)

The USATT website will be temporarily undergoing maintenance. You may find that navigation items have moved from where you expect them to be. 

The end goal is to make navigation easier to use, and to remove a lot of the navigation tabs, moving towards more simplified landing pages for important information. You can see examples of this under the Para tab which has been completed. 

After maintenance is completed, information will be separated into categories specific to 'Players', 'Coaches and Officials' and 'Clubs' as well as the usual Membership, News, Para, National Team and USATT Tabs. 

The Player tab will contain all information on finding a club, tournaments, rules, ratings, and major events. Coaches and Officials will contain information on current coaches and officials, how to qualify to become an umpire/referee, coach education courses and more. The clubs tab will contain club news, tournament director information and guide, tournament promotion guide, college table tennis and much more. 

Each tab will be cut down to a lower number of navigational tabs in order to simplify the user experience and get information into one place. 

We hope that after this process is complete then the website will be easier to use and will be welcoming all feedback from the membership on the new format/layout. 

Thank you all for your patience during this process.