USATT Nominates Players for the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, Hungary

By USATT | March 09, 2019, 11:40 p.m. (ET)

After observing the results of the recent Pan American Games Trial and National Ranking tournament in Santa Monica, California - the event which was advised to all players wishing to be considered for selection (aside from Kanak Jha who was qualified already for the Pan Am Games), the High Performance Director, National Team Coaches and High Performance Committee have decided which athletes will represent the United States at this year's World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, Hungary (21-28 April, 2019). 

The selections are as follows: 

- Lily Zhang
- Wu Yue
- Amy Wang
- Crystal Wang

- Kanak Jha
- Nikhil Kumar
- Nicholas Tio
- Victor Liu

- Stefan Feth
- Joerg Bitzigeio

High Performance Director Joerg Bitzigeio released this statement on changes to the High Performance Budget and opportunities for this event and group of players:

"There have been some changes in budgeting decisions from the past. National Coaches, High Performance Committee Chair and High Performance Director agreed not to spend the budget for all 8 positions for the World Championship contingent. The purpose of this is to adapt tournament planning for the National Team players and to fund other events which would be more specific to the level of our athletes. Our plan is to try and use the budget in a more meaningful way and create more value. 

As a result we have decided that our players will each play at least one ITTF tournament and train at a common prep camp together, but the tournaments will be partially different here.

Some players will compete in the WTTC in Hungary (which will occur after the common prep camp) at our expense, others will get funding for the ITTF French Cadet and Junior Open (which will be the week before the common prep camp) instead,as this tournament is more beneficial for some in regard to their current level and they will compete in more matches on a competitive level, relative to their ability. 

Those players getting funding for the ITTF French Cadet and Junior Open can play the WTTC self-financed additionally. 

We know that we have a good and larger group of female and male players in our country, meaning, not only these 8 nominated athletes. We are sure that with this selected group, we will be well prepared to try our best.

These athletes earned and deserved their spots because of their level, development, performance and commitment. This does not mean that there haven't been others who have not deserved it also."

We sincerely wish our players the best of luck as they build towards this prestigious event. Congratulations!