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The LA Club Where Table Tennis Never Sleeps

By Matt Hetherington | June 18, 2019, 12:41 p.m. (ET)

It is the place of dreams for any table tennis player, a table tennis club which never sleeps. In El Monte, California, the Los Angeles Table Tennis Association has been a home club for players from all walks of life since its opening in 1999. 

What sets this club aside from the rest is the fact that it has been open every day since 2009, that's almost 10 years now of table tennis without interruption, even on the biggest holidays of the year. 

That dedication to serving players and the sport of table tennis is reflected in the clubs Owner and Head Coach, 2-time US Olympian Tawny Banh, who worked alongside 2008 US Olympian Crystal Huang before rising to the top position in 2015.

The club members are given the freedom to play almost without limit, with the club sometimes staying open as late as 2 o'clock in the morning for the die hard fans of the sport. 

The club runs monthly tournaments and offers services for players of all abilities from open play to private lessons. 

It has been a labor of love for it's owners and coaching staff, now one of the oldest full-time clubs in the state of California and continuing to grow. When the club opened its doors in 1999, there were just 4 tables. Today the Butterfly club boasts 10,000 square feet with 15 tables, some specially separated for multiball training with barriers.

Being open every day may seem like a difficult task to manage, but for Tawny and her team it is a mission of passion to continue helping the sport that they love. One which Tawny acknowledges has defined her throughout her life.

Thank you to my family, LOYAL LATTA Members and Students, Tournament Players, Butterfly & entire Table Tennis Community for supporting LATTA and I throughout many years! My endless experiences from table tennis for the past 31 years is an absolute blessing and is priceless! Table Tennis has defined who I am as a person. Although table tennis is a minority sport, if one has the passion, knowledge, diligence and a business mind, one can be successful! I will gladly continue to promote our beloved sport in my community and in USA!” - Tawny Banh, 2-time US Olympian and Owner/Head Coach of LATTA.

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