Ackerman Shares Table Tennis Passion at Poway Chabad Day Camp

By Matt Hetherington | July 31, 2019, 3:40 p.m. (ET)

You may think that after a week of tough matches at the US National Championships, that Estee Ackerman would return home and recover. Ackerman however had other ideas travelling, on the trails of her win of the Women's Hardbat Singles national title and bronze in the junior girls doubles with Sarah Jalli in Las Vegas, to Poway Chabad Day Camp just north of San Diego.

Ackerman was aiming to inspire and share her table tennis passion with the young students there, in a community still recovering from a violent shooting which left 1 dead and 3 inured only a few months ago.

The young West Hempstead resident often travels and shares her table tennis story in Synagogues in New York and around the country, with those who are part of her community and family. 

At the day camp she told the students and staff about her story, her travels to the US Nationals and US Open tournaments and her aspirations to become a US Olympian.

Father, Glenn Ackerman accompanied Estee to the event.

"Estee went there with the aim of inspiring the students, but we left feeling more inspired by them," he says. 

No doubt, a strong community which has gathered together in tough times and perhaps Estee Ackerman has given them a new tool to come together and strengthen their ties even further - around a table tennis table. 

We thank Estee for continuing to be a great ambassador for our sport and an advocate for unity and community!