Emily Tan Selected for 2019 World Hopes Team

By Matt Hetherington | July 19, 2019, 12:12 p.m. (ET)

Emily Tan has successfully been selected into the 2019 World Hopes Team. Alongide Sophie Earley, Xin Ni Lee and Lin Qian Ser, she will represent the World Hopes Team at this year's World Cadet Challenge, where they will take on the best cadet players from each continent. For Emily this also means coming up against her home side of North America, a challenge we are sure she will thrive off. 

Tan, along with teammate 2018 North American Hopes representative Nandan Naresh, had traveled to Shangai, China in the beginning of June to compete in a Hopes Selection Camp. The results from the 2018 World Hopes Week and Challenge and this camp where considered when selecting this year's World Hopes Team.

The World Cadet Challenge takes place in Poland from October 23-31, we congratulate Emily for earning her place in this team and wish her best of luck in her preparations!