Important Reminder to ITTF Coaches: Have You Checked Your Re-Accreditation Date?

By Richard McAfee | Jan. 25, 2019, 12:23 p.m. (ET)

All ITTF Certifications are good for 8 years from the time you received your ITTF Certificate. It is important that you re-certify before the end of that 8-year period or you name will be dropped off the ITTF Coaches Registry and you would have to restart again from Level 1. You can find your “re-accreditation date” next to your name on the ITTF Coaches Registry at:

Any of the following can count as re-accreditation: • redoing the same ITTF Level Course • doing the higher ITTF Level Course • documented evidence of at least 100 hours coaching during the last 8 years at the appropriate level • Level 1-Schools-Juniors-Beginners or higher • Level 2-State or Province • Level 3-National-International • High Performance-International • participation at similar or higher level ITTF Coach Education or Olympic Solidarity Course other than ITTF Level 1,2, 3 or High Performance • approved sports related course of at least 30 hours Supporting evidence should be provided.

Here is the link for the paperwork you will need to fill out for re-accreditation if you are going to submit the 100 hours:

ITTF Coaches, known your re-accreditation date. Don’t take a chance on losing your hard earned ITTF Certification.