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USATT Announcement Regarding Committee Invitation

By USATT | Feb. 12, 2019, 11:10 p.m. (ET)

January 21, we announced that committee positions were open for the coming years, and we would consider volunteers.  There are 19 committees.

I am very disappointed that we have only fifteen volunteers from our announcement, so as the USATT Board Chair, I am opening a new invitation to our membership to volunteer.

This opportunity will be available to sign up from Tuesday, February 12 to Monday, February 18.  This invitation will come by this membership email to you, and also be posted on the USATT web site home page and included in the USATT Insider.  Please forward to your friends and colleagues who are USA Table Tennis members.

I hope to see a balance of gender and geographic representation. Each committee must also contain 20% athletes as ordered by the Ted Stevens Olympic and AmateurSports Act.

I will say that since so many of you answered the survey last fall and took the time to send both constructive and critical comments, there should be a great many members who wish to serve on USATT’s important committees. As the membership, you all have the opportunity and a responsibility to serve on a committee or more than one committee.

Please review and make your application – and help to make USATT even stronger.

With thanks for your participation and your support.

Anne Warner Cribbs, OLY and Chair of USATT Board of Directors.

You can find the roles and duties of each committee below: