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USATT CEO Makes Announcement on Current State of Affairs

By USATT | Dec. 31, 2019, 8:55 p.m. (ET)

Dear Members and Athletes:

As we are heading into the year 2020, I wanted to thank all of you for your support and great care for USA Table Tennis. For the past 86 years, USATT has gone through many highs and lows but has never faced the critical challenge we face today.  While it is the worst of times for USA Table Tennis in terms of corporate governance, I am happy that our sport finds itself in the best times it has enjoyed, both in grassroots growth and in our elite athletes’ prospects in international competition.

As you may know, USATT has received a letter from the USOPC demanding that USATT’s current Board members resign and that governance reform start with entirely new board members (except athlete representatives, who may be re-elected to their positions). Two board members, Edward Hogshead and Carolyne Savini haven't yet done so.  I respectfully ask that Edward and Carolyne, both of whom have served our organization honorably, to resign immediately without conditions. 

While nobody is happy with the events that led to the USOPC’s demand, we still need to act in the best interests of the organization and not spend our time trying to lay blame for the position in which we find ourselves.  I am confident that the best path forward – indeed, the only path forward – is to work harder at collaborating to preserve USATT’s role as an NGB and to continue to promote table tennis at every level.  Let us all direct our passion and energy to protect USATT, to protect our athletes, to serve our members and clubs, and to promote the sport of table tennis.

The USOPC has made it clear that “conditional” resignations are insufficient to reflect USATT’s dedication to change, and the decertification process will continue so long as any former board member is in office.  I am not blind to the social media accounts that have tried to root out the cause for USATT’s governance condition, but two things are clear: first, the USOPC has told us that it does not attribute our problems to any individual (or faction), and second, the USOPC does not consider any remedy viable short of replacement of the Board.     

USATT and I personally thank all the board members for their service.  As we go through the governance reform process, we will continue our operational business uninterrupted, and will continue to support all of our programs from grassroots efforts through our elite team members.  We will make some changes, and we will change for the better.

Happy new year to everyone.  I hope all the best to you and your family in 2020.

Virginia Sung
USA Table Tennis