Florida Provides Perfect Setting for Final Para Pan Am Games Preparation

By Matt Hetherington | Aug. 21, 2019, 8:11 p.m. (ET)

Parapan 2019 USA and Canada Table Tennis


Florida Provides Perfect Setting for Final Para Pan Am Games Preparation

August 12-17, 2019 saw Para Athletes from the United States and Canada join together in their final preparation for the Lima 2019 Para Pan Am Games which begin tomorrow.

Although the neighboring nations will be rivals out on the table in Lima, Clearwater brought the two teams together in the search for their best form going into the event.

A total of 15 athletes, 3 coaches, 3 personal care assistants and 7 volunteers from the Sunrise Table Tennis Club were present at the event, creating an excellent environment to prepare for such a prestigious event.

The training was hosted by the Morning Side Recreation Center in Clearwater, Florida, and was under the guidance of expert lead coaches. USA’s Gary Fraiman and Canada’s John Macpherson took the lead as the Head Coaches for the training sessions.

Athletes commented on the extraordinary conditions in the facility and also the helpful nature of the staff and welcoming atmosphere of the city. The training sessions were visited by Clearwater Mayor, George Cretekos and also USATT CEO Virginia Sung. The teams were very grateful to be shown this support.

Coach Macpherson from Canada commented, “these camps are an amazing opportunity for the US and Canada to train together, and I am thankful to the camp organizers and volunteers for all their help.”

US Para Coach Gary Fraiman echoed that sentiment, stating that – “we are hoping that this is the first camp of many in Clearwater for Para US and Canada teams.”

We appreciate the support of ITTF North America in helping make this event possible and extend our best wishes to both Team Canada and USA for their start tomorrow at the Lima 2019 Para Pan American Games.