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Diaz Prevails, Silver for USA's Wu Yue on Day 4

By Matt Hetherington | Aug. 07, 2019, 7:44 p.m. (ET)

Adriana Diaz of Puerto Rico has won the 2019 Pan American Games Women's Singles after an impressive final performance win over Wu Yue, the defending champion from the US Team.

Wu had a superb competition to reach the final stage and had a score to settle, Diaz having won on the last 2 occasions in the 2019 Pan Am Cup semifinal and the 2017 Pan Am Championships final – both by 4-3 margins. Wu also had reason for vengeance, having lost out in the Women's Doubles final to Diaz and sister Melanie. 

The match saw Wu starting out demonstrating a lot of spin control, but Diaz was the aggressor and made her mark early on. While Wu stayed close to the table and relied on a lot of backhand control and forehand counters, Diaz showed her versatility further from the table, playing a range of strokes and even even chopping at times to disrupt the rhythm of the rally.

Diaz took a 3-0 lead and time was running out for Wu, the 3rd game a big chance missed, 11-9. Switching to the backhand serve she forced some easier openings and return errors from Diaz, but the Puerto Rican adapted at the last second, fighting back from Wu's 9-2 lead to put the pressure back on.

Wu continued to use the backhand serve variation, but Diaz was able to keep the ball shorter, giving Wu problems making the first opening.

In the end Adriana Diaz triumphed, her lead proving difficult to catch, and her role as the more assertive player definitely a strong advantage in the match.

A silver medal for USA's Wu Yue and her second appearance in the Pan Am Games final in just as many appearances, she may be disappointed with the result – but 1 gold and 1 silver from just 2 appearances is an impressive feat nonetheless. The silver adds to her Women's Doubles silver and Mixed Doubles bronze.

A great performance by the US team, Kanak Jha also taking away a bronze from the Men's Singles event today after a 4-2 loss to Wu Jiaji of Dominican Republic. Wu had already swept past Campos of Cuba, Tsuboi of Brazil and Afanador of Puerto Rico - three excellent results. 

Jha was deliberate in placement, attempting to lock Wu up in the backhand corner, but the Domincan Republic player - formerly a member of the Chinese Junior National Team, was relentless on both wings and produced some exceptional play over the table. Jha had some answers, but not enough. Wu moves on to the final where he will play Brazil's Hugo Calderano.

Next for the Americans it's on to the team event, we wish the USA the best of luck and congratulate them on their medal successes in the individual events!