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Chinese National Team Touch Down in Los Angeles

By Matt Hetherington | Aug. 06, 2019, 10:52 p.m. (ET)

For Immediate Release: USA Colorado Springs, Denver - August 6, 2019

A rare occasion is set to delight the world of table tennis here in the United States, as Team China sets its eyes upon the city of Los Angeles, USA for a special visit. The large contingent of 58, including players, coaches and support, will include the greatest names in the sport of table tennis in recent generations.

Fan favorites like reigning Olympic Champions Ma Long and Ding Ning will grace the tables, along with their teammates – the likes of Xu Xin, Liu Shiwen, Fan Zhendong and Zhu Yuling. It is not only the players with stardom, but also an elite coaching staff of Olympians, former world champions and top players with Ma Lin, Chen Qi, Wang Hao and Guo Yan among that list.

The first contingent, including Liu Guoliang, the Chairperson of Chinese Table Tennis Association, is set to arrive first, with the second group following three days later.

The Chinese team visit is an incredibly special occasion, mirroring the team visit here to the USA in 1972 during Ping Pong Diplomacy. Table Tennis has always played a special diplomatic role between the two nations. Both will host upcoming World Championship events in Houston 2021 and Chengdu 2022, with the former marking the 50th anniversary of the historical diplomacy event.

The team will practice for two weeks from 11th - 25th August in joint practice with some of the USA's top players. This will present a unique opportunity for US players to spend time in a professional environment with the world's best players.

“This is the first time the Chinese Team will bring the entire team and will present a great opportunity for the US players to learn, to build friendship with the Chinese players, and also to build a great partnership between our two associations,” says USA Table Tennis CEO Virginia Sung. “We hope to make this joint training camp an annual event leading up to the Houston and Chengdu World Championships and the 2028 LA Olympic Games.”

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