Five US Players Set to Contest the WTTC Main Draw

By Matt Hetherington | April 23, 2019, 3:32 a.m. (ET)

Five US players will begin their campaigns in the main draw of the singles at the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest. 

While Lily Zhang, Kanak Jha and Wu Yue were all seeded into the round of 128 by grace of their hard work on the international stage and improved world rankings, Victor Liu and Amy Wang fought their way through the group stages.

While Nick Tio wasn't able to overcome the tough competition of his group, and Nikhil Kumar had a tough loss to Andy Pereira after holding the lead at 2-2 and 10-8, the boy's fought for the flag with pride out on the tables. 

Amy Wang pushed her way into the main draw with an impressive win over 6-time European Champion Ruta Paskauskiene of Lithuania, while Victor Liu defeated 7-time Olympian Segun Toriola of Nigeria. For two young and rising US talents to have surpassed two incredible experienced veteran players on one of the world's biggest stages in table tennis is an absolute triumph for the US team.

Amy Wang heads to table 2 (LIVE on ITTV) at 10am local time this morning, she takes on Singapore's female star Feng Tianwei. Feng was famously a member of the Singapore team which upset China in the 2010 World Team Championships, and has been ranked as high as 2 in the world. Amy will have her work cut out for her, but the 2nd ranked world junior will certainly be bringing her best to the table for this important match.

Following closely after at 10:50am on Table 9, Wu Yue takes on Maria Melanina of Russia and at 11:40am Lily Zhang will battle with England's Maria Tsaptsinos.

In the Men's singles rounds, Kanak Jha faces off against Italy's Mihai Bobocica, while on the TV table (3) at 15:50, Victor Liu takes on Japan's Masataka Morizono.

The Women's Doubles pair of Lily Zhang and Wu Yue are the last doubles pairing alive in the competition after last night's matches. They played superbly to beat Ukraine's Bilenko and Gaponova. In the round of 32 they will face Meshref and Helmy of Egypt, that match will take place at 16:40.

You can follow all of the action on the TV tables at ITTV. Please be sure to try and tune in and follow Victor Liu and Amy Wang's 128 matches!