Breakthrough 2018 Season Has Pech Feeling Good About the Future

By Richard Finn | Nov. 27, 2018, 9:48 p.m. (ET)

This season has been a breakthrough year for Seth Pech.

“This year has been a productive one for me,“ said Pech.

Both here and overseas Pech has had a string of strong and consistent results beginning with the TTTTeam Trials in the spring. At the US Nationals he made the round of 16 before losing to top-ranked and eventual champion Kanak Jha.

And in Sweden, where he is presently training, the Strongsville, Ohio native has played well in first division matches and also beat several top Norwegian players in a tournament there.

“ I would describe my game as highly offensive, “ said Pech. “I try to get the first attack and when that doesn’t happen I try to counter attack my way through my opponent. I would say that this tactic is very good if you can learn to have patience and wait for your shots and not force it too much.”

Additionally Pech feels that today he has a better grasp of the mental attributes needed to be a top player.

“I think for me right now I have a better understanding of what works in my game and what does not, “ explained Pech. “So for me it has been a process of refining my game. A while back I felt I needed to be good at everything, but now I have found success by sticking to the things that work even if those tactics or ideas go against conventional thinking.”

Putting all of the pieces together both stroke wise and mentally has the 23-year-old in a optimistic frame of mind looking ahead to 2019 and even more importantly 2020 and the next Olympics.

“My future plans are to finish out the season here in Sweden, playing a few more Pro Tour events to get further experience playing at the highest level, “ said Pech.

A European vacation break with his family will follow before he resumes training this time in Germany along with looking to play in more European leagues.

“ I think at the end of this I will be as well prepared for the Olympic Trials in 2020 as I can be, “ said Pech, “Making the Olympic team has always been a goal of mine."

However, he is not looking to put any additional pressure on trying to make the team he said.

“ I really try to focus on improving myself and letting the results come when opportunities present themselves,” explained Pech. “To be able to play professional table tennis in Europe for several years is my big goal right now, figuring out how I can play for different leagues and make it all work has been of top priority.”

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