Olympians Top Proceedings at First National Ranking Tournament

By Matt Hetherington | March 04, 2018, 8 p.m. (ET)

The first senior national ranking tournament in Ohio has concluded with a wealth of high level matches completed and the champions determined. The weekend hosted groups of the top players in the country, vying for a placement in the National Team and also proving their capability to try and earn selection in the USA team for the upcoming World Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden. 

The Men's Qualification was the starting phase, 10 players would be narrowed to 4, they would join the main group stages. From the 10 it was Barney Reed Jr., Chance Friend, Paul David and Seth Pech who succeeded. You can see the qualifying draw results here.

A total of 16 Men would split into an A and B round 1 group stage, requiring seven intense matches to be battled out to advance into the secondary groups. The Women's would see a giant round robin of 12 players to compete over the three day period.

There were several upsets as players gave it their all to try and advance. Bottom seed Sarah Jalli defeated Swathi Giri before illness forced the later to withdraw from the event, Amy Wang led an impressive straight games victory over 2016 Olympian Wu Yue, Rachel Yang chopped her way to a win over Wang Xinyue and Tiffany Ke overcame Rachel Sung. At the end of the immense 11 matches of high level competition it would be Wu Yue who would emerge the champion, forced into a 2-way tie with Lily Zhang. The 4-2 win of Wu over Zhang would seal the end result as the two Olympic athletes topped the field. Amy Wang ended in 3rd position and Wang Xinyue came in one below her seeding at 4th. View the completed Women's Final Draw here.

Rio Olympian Tom Feng was on the warpath in Group A, fighting his way back into the limelight. He swept with a 7-0 record to advance into the final A group. Krish Avvari joined him in second, winning against everyone but Feng. Adar Alguetti snuck through with a 4-3 record, Seth Pech making a big upset to defeat him. Barney Reed Jr. took the 4th spot to advance into the top secondary group. 

In the second qualifying group it was Nick Tio, the F seed who stunned his opponents. Tio went 6-1, upsetting Sharon Alguetti 4-0 to knock him into overall second place. Michael Tran was the only player to stop Tio with the first place qualifier taking out Nikhil Kumar, Kunal Chodri, Gal Alguetti, Chance Friend and Paul David. Sharon Alguetti also claimed a 6-1 record with his only loss to Tio. Nikhil Kumar came out 3rd place and joining him in the top secondary group would be Michael Tran. Results of the Men's First Stage Groups here.

The second stage A group saw Tom Feng continue on his stellar run, dropping only one match as he was stunned by 2017 US National Finalist Nikhil Kumar in six games. Regardless it was the US Rio Olympian Feng who would emerge on top, showing his outstandingly dominant form over the weekend to win 13 out of 14 matches against the country's best. 

Nick Tio earned second place, continuing his excellent form to go 5-2 in the second stage. He was defeated again by Michael Tran and also by winner Tom Feng. Sharon Alguetti also finished with a steady 5-2, his loss to Nick Tio would leave him in 3rd on countback in a three way tie which also included Nikhil Kumar (4th). Krish Avvari's results suffered in the second stage, he found victory over Adar Alguetti and Barney Reed Jr. but was defeated by all other players, leaving him in 7th place. Results of the Men's Second Stage A Group here.

Samson Dubina went 3-1 to win the Second Stage B Group, winning again over Jack Wang and also over Seth Pech. Chance Friend was second place. See full results of the Men's Second Stage B Group here.

Final Top 4 Positions: 
1. Tom Feng
2. Nicholas Tio
3. Sharon Alguetti
4. Nikhil Kumar

1. Wu Yue
2. Lily Zhang
3. Amy Wang
4. Wang Xinyue

Congratulations to all players who participated and made the event a show of great competition and sportsmanship!