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Results at the World Veteran Champs - Where Things Stand

By Larry Hodges | June 22, 2018, 5:23 p.m. (ET)

There are 11 age groups here at the World Veterans - every five years from 40-44 to Over 90 (11 age groups), for men and women. Each age group has four events - Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles, so 44 possible events. Three events were canceled - Over 90 Women's Singles, and Over 85 and Over 90 Women's Doubles. That leaves 41 events. With that many, it's somewhat impossible to cover each event with feature articles. However, you can follow the results.

There are 21 singles events. All were played into the Final 16 on Thursday, with a few going beyond that. For example, Over 90 Men's Singles, with ten entries, and Over 85 Women's Singles, with six entries, are both into the semifinals.

There are 20 doubles events. The preliminaries were played already, and so they are now into the beginning rounds of the main draws on Friday morning and should play the doubles matches into the semifinals today.

How do you access the results?

  1. Go to the 2018 World Veterans Page.

  2. Click the big "Round Robin Singles Draws" headline at the top, or go directly to them.

  3. On top left, click on "Draws" or "Players."

  4. Choose your event or type in the player's name.

One problem - if updated results don't show up, close the page and reopen it again from the 2018 World Veterans Page - they are updating regularly. I ran into this problem yesterday and didn't figure it out until this morning.

Friday is all doubles. The semifinals and finals of doubles events are on Saturday. The semifinals and finals of singles events are on Sunday. (There seem to be some exceptions - the five teams in Over 90 Men's Doubles are playing a complete round robin that finishes today.)