Exchange of Rallies to be Replaced with Exchange of Vows as Danish Duo Prepare for WVC Wedding

By Matt Hetherington | June 22, 2018, 6:01 p.m. (ET)

Special memories will last for a long time after the 2018 World Veteran Championships comes to an end, but for two Danish players this trip's memories will last a lifetime. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, Charlotte Hansen competed with this name for the last time, as of tomorrow she will adopt a new surname.

Torsten Kindt is the lucky man and the two will hold a wedding ceremony tomorrow at a Las Vegas Chapel, surrounded by teammates and friends alike - most from Denmark with some from other Scandinavian teams, like Sweden. 

Kindt has played table tennis for most of his life and today contended the over 40 Men's Doubles event, Hansen on the other hand played in her youth and returned to the sport after 23 years. It was upon her return to the sport that the two met each other.

Two years ago at the Danish National Championships it seemed fate drew them together, a year later they were officially a couple. 

The two often compete in mixed doubles events together which Kindt, with a cheeky grin on his face, admitted was a good relationship test. It seems Charlotte passed the test, as three weeks ago Torsten took a deep breath and asked the big question.

When asked whether they thought table tennis was a great way to meet others, the two nodded enthusiastically and said that the table tennis community in Denmark is small and many people know each other, but also you can still meet new people and make new friends, or in the case of Torsten Kindt - find a wife. 

Certainly with the shared passion of table tennis we are sure they will spend many happy years together, from tomorrow onwards Torsten and Charlotte will be Mr and Mrs Kindt.

Congratulations to the happy couple and we sincerely hope you enjoy your big day, and the rest of the 2018 World Veteran Championships!