Focusing Forward, Top Coaches Meet with High Performance in Mind

By Matt Hetherington | July 09, 2018, 11:32 a.m. (ET)

Led by USATT High Performance Director Joerg Bitzigeio, a special gathering of the nation's top coaches took place during the 2018 US National Championships in Las Vegas. The future of the US National team and high performance were the focus topics as coaches from around the country, including USATT head coaches and National Development Coaching team members, joined the discussion.

"The intention of this meeting was to bring the interested coaches together to give them some ideas about our current TTTeam USA program of the unified National Team and our (long term) goals in future, to have an exchange between the coaches because we usually don't have the time to talk to each other that much during competitions, and to learn more about our different experiences about the current training systems in the USA leading finally to an open discussion how we can optimize them together to help our players making the transition from youth to adults and to be successful probably in the adult categories in some years on international court.

I’m convinced that a key to future success is a cooperation between coaches in general and a common way would help all of us.

Coaches meetings like this are very important, especially for the exchange of ideas and further education, but also in favor of our athletes and my dream would be to establish this regularly in future." - USATT High Performance Director, Joerg Bitzigeio.

The presentation broke down the current international position of the US team in terms of performance at world events, then delved into the long term goals for the team.