2018 US Youth National Ranking Tournament Homepage - Entry Confirmation Deadline 15th March

By USATT | Jan. 29, 2018, 3:40 p.m. (ET)


Dear all,

We would like to inform you that the first of three qualifying events for the youth for the 2018 National Team, the newly named TTTeam USA, will be held from 29th March – 1st April in Davie (Florida) at Broward TTC.Only athletes eligible, according to the rules and regulations of the ITTF, to represent the USA at World title events will be eligible for the USATT National Ranking Tournament and TTTeam USA.

It will be the first of a total of three combined designated qualifying tournaments of 2018 in the youth category. A maximum of twenty-four (24) players per gender will compete in the main event of each age category (Juniors, Cadets, Mini-Cadets and Hopes), sixteen (16) players will “qualify” for the main draw by USATT rating and eight (8) players will come out of the qualification.

Each player, with the exception of the Juniors, can start theoretically and maximally in two different age categories, but it have to be two consecutive age categories, for example Mini-Cadet and Cadet. It’s not possible to skip or leave out an age category, ie. playing Mini-cadet and Juniors will not be possible due to the time schedule.

This qualifying competition for the 2018 TTTeam USA is part of the published new USATT National Team Program and Selection Procedures effective from January 2018.


Please see the procedures and point protocol below:

The top two finishers per gender in the age categories Juniors, Cadets and Mini-Cadets in this first qualifying competition of the calendar year for the youth will gain, amongst other things, guaranteed places on TTTeam USA, effective at the conclusion of that competition based on its final results.

The new USATT National Team Program and Selection Procedures include among others a system of points that players will earn through their participation and results in different qualifying competitions like the USATT National Ranking Event in Davie/Florida. The points system for designated qualifying tournaments and the Selection Procedures for the 2018 TTTeam USA are attached.

The prospectus, player entry list and time schedule are below:





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