2018 Dream Open: First Tournament of the Year

By Angela Guan | Jan. 08, 2018, 9:37 a.m. (ET)

3, 2, 1…Happy New Year! Swan Ping Pong Club in Sunnyvale, California welcomed 2018 with a tournament on the very first day of the year. Early in the morning, forty-eight players arrived for the second Dream Table Tennis Open, matches beginning at 9am. Upon entering the club, each participant was warmly greeted by volunteers who checked the players in and gave them folders with player’s numbers, match schedules, and draw results.

Dream Open and Fund Raising for Charity events was an idea envisioned and launched by Amanda Chou, a sophomore at Basis Independent School. Supported by her parents, a team of volunteers, and sponsors, the Dream Open was created with a mission to promote the sport of table tennis by providing everyone an opportunity to compete in this enjoyable lifetime sport and to provide an opportunity to raise money to support anyone who needs help. Ultimately, all proceeds from this event will be donated directly to support poor children in Africa. In addition, the Asian Dream Foundation will donate 5 times the amount above. This year, the donations amount totaled up to $11,288 to Stanford University and the Tzu-Chi Foundation.

Although this is a non-sanctioned tournament, the Dream Open has continued to grow from its first debut in 2016 with total of $1000 prize money this year. From a 2 year old cheering on his older brother to an 82 year old grandfather enjoying the matches, the Dream Open opened the doors of Swan Ping Pong Club to everyone, and it brought together families, friends, spectators, and the table tennis community on New Year’s Day to enjoy the sport of table tennis.

After a day of exciting matches, the finals of Division A consisted of an intense match between Victor Liu and Ying Liu— attacker versus chopper—as crowds gathered to watch and cheer. The Dream Open concluded with Victor Liu taking the Division A title, trophy, and $300 prize money. As it came to a close, the organizers presented trophies and prize money for each winner, raffled off over twenty gifts, and gave away a gift bag for each player from sponsors. Thanks to Amanda Chou and her team, Asian Dream Foundation, Paddle Palace, Tzu-Chi Foundation, Sun Ten Group, Hsu’s Ginseng, SVTTC, and Swan Ping Pong Club for making the 2018 Dream Open a success.

Check out more about the Dream Open at http://www.amandachou.com/ and join us for the 2019 Dream Open!

2018 TT Dream Open Final Results:

  • Group A 1st: Victor Liu

  • Group A 2nd: Ying Liu

  • Group A 3rd: Angela Guan

  • Group B 1st: Ryan Wu

  • Group B 2nd: Danny Hui

  • Group B 3rd: George Siu

  • Group C 1st: Long Tran

  • Group C 2nd: Rahul Kadian

  • Group C 3rd: Terrence Liu