Super Camp Completion Sets Direction for 2018

By Matt Hetherington | Jan. 02, 2018, 5:51 a.m. (ET)

Well the second ever USATT Super Camp has drawn to a close and the players are departing. The California crew first to depart, leaving the hotel at 3:55am! 

It has been an absolute pleasure to witness a team coming together, for me personally being behind the scenes, on the tables and on the sideline throughout the event. The final day saw the groups clash in competition as the Cadet Boys group took on the Girls Group in a tournament in the morning session, and later in the day competitions within each training group. 

Despite 6 days of hard work and training, spirits were high for competition and there were some intense duels out there. 

The Super Camp has taken another step forward in unifying the national team players and creating a model for a successful training environment for elite players and international hopefuls, players gained skills, not just on the table but in independence and personal organization - attitude, maturity and so much more. 

Throughout the event it has been a great opportunity also to take you behind the scenes and onto the front doorstep of our national team, to see some character behind the players and to get a first hand experience at the training level of some of the country's top young talents. This has been without a doubt a very successful way to end 2017 and kickstart the new year.

None of this would have been possible without the driving force of the team from Triangle Table Tennis behind it, we would like to sincerely thank them for the use of their incredible facility and for rounding up such great support for this event - through their entire staff team. Of course USATT High Performance Director Joerg Bitzigeio played an instrumental role in the organization also and did an amazing job including throughout the camp when he was on-site.

A big thank you goes out to Nittaku and Paddle Palace for providing the highest quality training ball for our athletes to use throughout the camp and indeed to the hard working coaching staff throughout this event. Please take a moment (below the photos) to see a full list of all the incredible supporters for this event, without them this would most definitely not have been as enjoyable and successful as it was.

A special thank you must go out to the staff of the Residence Inn Marriot. Throughout this week's camp the staff have been absolutely delightful and warm-hearted individuals, to have such a crew of dedicated and friendly people taking care of the kids here during their stay has been a real blessing. The staff were there to aid the kids with anything they needed and baked cookies for the kid's birthdays during the camp, also throwing an ice cream party on New Years Eve for the entire team. We cannot thank the team here enough for really going the extra mile to make this an extra special experience!

Joerg Bitzigeo, Gao Jun, Wang Qingliang, Pieke Franssen, Tao Wenzhang, Qi Wei, Zhang Yichi, Yang Shigang, Kim Min Kyun, Ma Jinbao (training partner).

Sponsors and Supporters:
- Credit Suisse
- Visit Raleigh
- Triangle Rock Club
- Potbelly Sandwich Shop
- Neomonde
- Triangle Sports Commission
- Morrisville Chamber of Commerce
- Capital Plastics
- Residence Inn Marriot
- American Tower Corporation
- Nittaku/Paddle Palace
- Triangle Table Tennis Club

Please accept our sincerest thanks and gratitude for stepping up and supporting this event. We really do hope to continue with such events in the future.