Wang Brings Expertise to the Table for One of USA's Young Prodigies

By Matt Hetherington | Feb. 26, 2018, 9 p.m. (ET)

She hails from the same infamous table tennis club as Zhang Jike, being selected in 2007 to join the ranks of the Shandong Lu Neng team where she developed her game over 7 years as a professional player. Wang Bo began playing table tennis at the age of 5 and has a wealth of competition experience, in 2012/2013 she was invited to compete in the Portugese Super League competition, she was sought out by the Taiwanese National team to help their preparation for the World Championships and Olympic games and also helped her team to victory in 2015 in the Swiss League. No doubt she has been in many high level table tennis environments.

The 2015 US Open saw one of her great performances, she overcame Wu Yue of the US National team, who that year would win the prestigious Pan American Games in Brazil to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games. That result would have been impressive enough but she continued on, also defeating Wang Ying in the first round of the main draw and then stunning 2-time Olympian Lily Zhang in a seven game thriller to reach the quarterfinals. 

Late last year she became the Washington State Open Champion after defeating Anthony Xin Xu Zhao in the final. 

Wang now plays an important role, she has been based in Seattle for almost 2 years and has become a regular training partner of young US team prodigy Crystal Wang. For Wang, who has already competed in Pan American and World level events, the quantity and quality of training is somewhat limited in Seattle and she has been fortunate to have a player like Wang Bo to help her development. 

The pair train 2-3 times each week and the young American relishes the opportunity. 

"To have a high level women's player to train with is really helpful because it helps me prepare for competing with other female players in different competitions, also she is left handed so it gives me some variation in my training" - Crystal Wang, US National Team.

Crystal Wang currently ranks 155th in the World in Women's Table Tennis and already has a wealth of international experience for a player who just turned 16 years old. As a cadet girl she reached a peak ranking of number 3 in the world and is considered one of USA's future Olympic hopefuls. 

She credits Wang Bo as a great training partner who is able to execute drills at a high level and with consistency and emphasized the lack of strong training partners in the Seattle area. For now Crystal relies on Wang Bo to feed that need and the Chinese professional is hopeful that her American training partner will continue to improve and reach her goals of one day becoming a US Olympian.