Biggest and Best Yet: Paddle Palace Club February Open

By Paddle Palace Club/Cory Johnson | Feb. 22, 2018, 12:03 p.m. (ET)

The weekend of February 10th-11th witnessed Paddle Palace Club's biggest & best USATT–sanctioned tournament yet. With over 100 names entered into the field of 12 different events, the main event, as always, was the Open Singles.

At the top of the Open Singles entries was PPC Head Coach, Xia Jiwei, who dominated the competition. With two players advancing from each of the four groups, the Quarterfinals witnessed no less than three Portland vs. Seattle match-ups, with 3 of the 8 players playing the modern defensive style. Coach Xia & Ryan Hoarfrost, Paddle Palace Club's Co-Founder, each took down choppers: Nicholas Daescu of PPC & Patrick Moore of SPTTC, respectively.

It was then a professional-level semifinals, as the crowd sat back & enjoyed Coach Xia battle with previous South Korean Women's team national player, Jung Kim. Kim recently won the Oregon State Championships in 2017, & has been training weekly with 2-time Olympian & PPC Junior Team Coach Sean O'Neill. She was in top form. Yet the power of Xia Jiwei's third loop was far too much for her machine-like chops, who eventually went on to beat her 3-0. Kim tried everything in her repertoire, from flat hits, to surprise, fast serves, but in the end it was not enough for Coach Xia's stable & intelligent gameplay.

After Ryan Hoarfrost beat top Seattle player Pitsanu Limpamanop, hailing from Thailand, he found himself face-to-face with his own Coach for the Finals! Ryan fought hard, executing all of his best shots: extreme topspin opening loops, carefully placed backhand fishes, subtle variations of his reverse-pendulum service. But once again, Jiwei demonstrated to the audience what the highest level of Table Tennis is supposed to look like, executing a plethora of his own signature shots: precise chop-blocks, deceptive serves, &, most memorable of all, his unbelievably powerful backhand loop-drives that rarely ever missed the table!

All in all, the Paddle Palace 2018 February Open was a great success, with the Pacific Northwest's Premier Table Tennis facility delivering, once again, a professional event for players of all ages, styles, & backgrounds. Look out for future events this season & be sure to visit both the club & the store whenever you visit the Portland area!

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See some of the action from the event below:


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