H.W. Global Talent Development Program

By Richard Finn | Feb. 12, 2018, 5:52 p.m. (ET)

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H.W. Global Talent Development Program

Richard Finn


At the H.W. Global Foundation, table tennis skills and life lessons are served up to the students as part of its Talent Development Program (TDP).


It’s Mission Statement reads in part “is dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and boys through the Olympic sport of table tennis and to developing the best table tennis talents.” It goes on to state, “ children will learn the skills and values to help them build a strong foundation for future success in life.”


Located in Germantown, Maryland and using the facilities of the Maryland Table Tennis Center the 501(c) tax exempt education organization started in 2015 was born out of the desire by Wen Hsu and her husband to give something back to the sport.


“We got involved in table tennis because our two sons chose this sport,” Wen wrote to USATT officials. “ We learned a lot about table tennis over the years watching them trained with some of the best coaches in the U.S., China, and Europe, and we traveled with them nationally and internationally to various training centers and tournaments.  Both my sons benefited from table tennis and continue to enjoy this sport. 


“We want other kids to benefit from it and enjoy it as well.  We also want to share what we've learned as parents with other parents who have kids involved with this sport. We want to make a difference,” she wrote.


In its first year there were 12 students in the table tennis program. That grew to 18 the following year. Last year there were 25 students’ ages 6-14. Several of the children were nationally ranked in their age divisions.


Coaches are looking for more than just technical skills in the selection process according to Wen.


“(Selection) is based on attitude, aptitude, and commitment to the sport and our team philosophy,” wrote Wen. “It's a mistake to think of table tennis as an individual sport.  It's truly a team sport.”


A full staff of coaches including a program director and head coach supervises the training. Practice sessions include shadow practice, footwork drills, stretching, and even homework assignments.


Funding for the program comes from private individual and donations from HW Global Foundation Founders JoolaUSA  and USATT/SuperMicro's Pong4Kids Grant, and generous individuals.  


 “We are proud that we use our funding efficiently,” wrote Wen. “Our program currently a regional program.  Hopefully, one day, it will grow into a national program.