Dominant Champions Take Top Spot at Triangle Winter Teams

By Triangle Table Tennis | Feb. 01, 2018, 10:27 a.m. (ET)

Over the weekend, we hosted our 4th annual Winter Two-Person Teams Tournament.  The two-person teams format lends itself to compelling competition, as match-ups change several times within a single team match. With over 100 players representing 7 states, we had a great mix of local players and out-of-towners competing in the U2500, U3000, U3500, U4000, and Open Division.

Yu Di and Rachid El-Boubou were the undisputed champions at the 2018 Triangle Winter Teams tournament, comfortably overcoming the reunited old-timers Brian Pace and Derek May. The gold medal pair only dropped one game in the final on their way to winning the event. 

Read the full report from the tournament here: Triangle Winter Two Person Teams Tournament Review 

Below are the results from events and the match highlights from the final!


1.      Anav Gupta & Aditya Jain

2.      Jason Hodak & Bill Howard

3.      Dan Burns & Werner Medrano


1.      Anav Gupta & Shah Elias

2.      Jay Nelson & Zach Smith

3.      Bobby Kern & Tushar Kulkarni


1.      Moustapha Nasser & Maksim Kovalev

2.      Stephen Emmons & Justin Foxworth

3.      Jingxiong Lu & Shiguang Lu


1.      Carlos Rodriguez & Luis Rodriguez

2.      Jerred Miklowcic & Aldin Soneja

3.      Edward Li & John Lee


1        Rachid El Boubou & Yu Di

2        Brian Pace & Derek May

3        Gregg Robertshaw & Stephanie Sun