Brian Pace voted onto Hall of Fame Board of Directors & Tim Boggan Thanked

By Sean O'Neill, US Table Tennis Hall of Fame President | Dec. 12, 2018, 8:50 p.m. (ET)

Brian Pace & Tim Boggan

Brian Pace voted onto US Table Tennis Hall of Fame Board of Directors; Tim Boggan Thanked For His Generous Contributions

Portland, OR – December 5, 2018 - The United States Table Tennis Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announced the addition of Brian Pace to its Board of Directors.  Brian will replace Historian Tim Boggan who stepped down earlier this year to focus his efforts on the History of USA Table Tennis’ Volumes. 

Brian will bring great insight to the Board of Directors as a National Collegiate Champion, member of the highly successful USATT Resident Training Center, and Creator of Dynamic Table Tennis.  Brian is a full-time coach (National level) originally from Wilson, North Carolina and has played and coached out of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Romania over the past 30 years. Pace also brings a wealth of audio and visual expertise which will be greatly utilized as the Hall moves forward.

Hall of Fame President, Sean O’Neill announced, “I am so excited that Brian will be joining our Hall of Fame team to bring his contemporary perspective to help us select and honor our next generation of inductees and honorees.  At the same time, I will never be able to express my gratitude and appreciation of Tim’s Herculean contribution to both the sport and the Hall of Fame.  Writing our profiles, doing research on all the nominees, writing and delivering our inductions and now finishing up the final editions of his comprehensive History of US Table Tennis.  Many inductees have told me privately that the highlight of their careers was listening to Tim share their timelines at our annual dinners.  Thank you, Timmy and welcome Brian!”

Hall of Fame Board Member Dean Johnson asserted, “To my good friend Tim; our sport will be forever grateful to you for your lifelong commitment and for the labor of love which has produced more than 22 volumes of our history dating back to 1928.”

Brian Pace expressed, “It is a honor to be on the board of the Hall of Fame, and I'm even more honored to be replacing our best historian, Tim Boggan. I looking forward to working alongside this incredible group of table tennis minds to induct our most dedicated players into this special group.”

US Table Tennis Hall of Fame Nomination Applications for players and athletes for the class of 2019 will be announced on January 1, 2019.