NJTTC Hopes Qualification Camp and Tournament Ends with High Hopes on a Rubber Tree

By Dev Dassarma | April 10, 2018, 10:51 a.m. (ET)

New Jersey Hopes qualifier concluded  this past weekend  with the  selection of the third candidate in Boys and girls category.  Revant Kasichainula  and Faith Hu became the respective qualifiers in the boys and girls category.

A volunteer run club, NJTTC has been focusing on the development of the kids and has hosted the Hopes qualification tournament for the past couple of years.  The tournament was organized with volunteers and sponsors stepping in to help in every way they can. The club looked festive with balloons  and posters  welcoming young kids with Frank Sinatra's High hopes  on a rubber tree song  being played in the background.  Special thanks to Volunteers  John Jarema for all innovative ideas and to Mohan Pardesi for treating kids and parents with a gourmet pizza dinner.

The camp  run by National coach Pieke Fransen and supported by coach Wesley Fan and Henry zhong reflected the upcoming talents not only current age group of Hopes, but five nine year olds who are  going to be  Hopes stars in the next couple of years notably Jacob Lee, Aishi Dassarma,  Dhruv Chopra, Jonathan zhou,  Jay Chen and  Charles Shen.

The event  was expecting a major intensity which was somewhat lowered when  the top three seeds had to drop out due to different reasons.  That meant a major chance for the rest of the candidates giving them  the best opportunity to qualify for the Hopes national team.

In the boys  event ,There were no major upsets in the round robin,  and in the semi finals the  Revant Kasichainula and Jason Li were able to overcome their gritty opponents to meet each other in the finals.  Revant was the under dog since he had lost to Jason Li past two times in the week prior at the Florida Youth team qualification tournament.

Revant, struggling from exhaustion and  travel back and forth from west to east coast within a seven day timeframe seemed determined to go back home with the qualification. He chased every ball  and highlight of the match was a diving forehand loop in the second game at 10-9 that gave him a 2-0 lead.  He had to take an injury timeout after that and went on to win comfortably.

Faith was  the top seed  who  lost  in an upset victory in the past qualifier, came  back from the  National camp in Florida and  won all her matches with precision and poise.  She  won 3-1 against  teammate Ivy Liu in a comfortable victory in the finals.

The top boys event finishers were

  1. Revant Kasichainula

  2. Jason Li

  3. Connor Lee, Sean Chen

The top girls events finishers were

  1. Faith Hu

  2. Ivy Liu

  3. Isabella Xu, Marjoline Encabo,


More pictures and videos from the event can be found at the NJTTC Website.