Debut 2017 Xiom West Coast Teams a Success

By Shashin Shodhan | Nov. 28, 2017, 8:45 p.m. (ET)

The first-ever 2017 West Coast Teams presented by Xiom took place in Northern California in Livermore at a spacious 40,000 square foot venue this Thanksgiving weekend. There were about 30 teams competing in 4 divisions with all teams in their divisions playing each other in a giant round robin. The top 4 teams in each division from round robin play faced off in the semifinals. There was a total of $3,000 prize money, $800 in Xiom gift certificates, and trophies to each team member given to the top 4 teams. Players had a good time competing with their teammates against different teams over the course of the weekend. Each team had the right to choose their own team name creating a variety of cool names!

To kick off the tournament, many teams faced off in inter-division matches to determine which division they would play in for the rest of the tournament. The one upset that took place was the Division 3-seeded youngsters BayArea Daredevils being promoted to Division 2 by defeating the higher-rated The Harker Team. Division 1 was won by the Fighters led by new Chinese players over the team of top US players Bryant Lin and Peter Li. Tintri TTC won all team matches in Division 2 group play led by Seyed Jafarinejad who went undefeated in his singles matches. However, WCTTA-3 consisting of James Goodwin and Gautam Anand went on to win Division 2. Division 3 was won by The Harker Team led by Ritika Rajamani and Audrey Liu who went undefeated as a team and had a 34-3 individual match record. Cupertino King Pong led by Tarun Batchu and Arnav Jain went 31-0 in individual matches to dominate Division 4 winning the final over Supreme-S.

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