Ionescu Excited for Bundesliga's American Debut

By Matt Hetherington | Nov. 10, 2017, 9:57 a.m. (ET)

A historic moment is coming and along with spectators and Americans getting excited for it, the teams are also thrilled. For the first time, a German Bundesliga match will be held in the United States, more specifically in Washington ahead of the Joola North American Team Championships at Thanksgiving Weekend. What more could you ask for to get in the zone for the matches ahead than to see some of the best players in the sport go head to head the afternoon before?

Being such a special occasion, the first time such a match has been held outside of Germany, Ovidiu Ionescu from team Post SV Mulhausen is both honored and excited to be part of the event. Mulhausen will take on ASV Grunwettersbach in the match, a clash of two high caliber teams. Mulhausen has been having a stellar season so far, with 6 ties already played in the liga - they sit in 2nd place, below the mighty Dusseldorf.

Ionescu admits that the start to their season was surprising to everyone even to the team members themselves, but despite their great performance he speaks very highly of their opposition and thinks we could be in for a very exciting match. 

'It's really a 50/50 match, us having an advantage in the season rankings doesn't mean anything,
they are a strong team and we must be ready for a big fight.' - Ovidiu Ionescu

While Mulhausen has more international years of experience on their side, Grunwettersbach is a very youthful team, all members between the ages of 20 and 30. Ionescu also notes that by international ranking their opposition may seem to have the advantage and with Morizono the runner up in the men's doubles at this year's World Championships and Ricardo Walther currently ranked top 40 in the world, Grunwettersbach are definitely a formidable opponent. 

This is an incredibly unique opportunity to see some world class table tennis on American soil. The league atmosphere in Europe is very unique as people get in behind their teams, let's get behind these players and show them what kind of atmosphere they can experience in the USA!

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