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Alumni Of The Month

By Kaylee Ho, NCTTA Alumni Coordinator | Jan. 11, 2017, 5:36 p.m. (ET)


Alumni Of The Month - Mark Wei

Get to know the NCTTA family. Besides being awesome at table tennis, NCTTA alumni are making impact in different ways around the world: publishing books, curing diseases, coaching athletes, creating groundbreaking work in technology, healthcare, music, and arts etc. Every month, we will be featuring various alumni of NCTTA to see what they are up to nowadays and give you a blast from the past. Read our alumni profiles to learn about their lives before, during, and after NCTTA.

Mark Wei
College: UC Berkeley
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Year graduated: 2012

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

I've been a Software Engineer at Google writing code for Android for over 4 years. I've contributed to Gmail and Inbox, and now I'm writing a motion framework to help create the future of beautiful animations on Android.

What do you most enjoy about your profession?

I really appreciate the flexibility it provides. On any given day, I might leave work at 6pm and play volleyball for 4 hours. Then later at home work some more until 3am. If there's no meetings, I might wake up at 11am the next morning. And all this I can do without constantly asking for permission.

What else are you up to?

I continue to keep up with the Cal Table Tennis Club at retreats and alumni at SPiN SF. I'm about to get married (in March!) so that's taken up a significant portion of my time. But mainly, volleyball is life now.

Any wise words for the current crop of college athletes?

Make an effort to keep in touch with everyone in your life. After college, it's easy for life to take over and for old friends drift apart. Being a part of a larger community, like NCTTA, is a great way to keep up with everyone, and is one of the main reasons I come back and volunteer every year.

Favorite NCTTA memory

It was definitely seeing the rise of Mississippi out of nowhere. They were able to bring the heat on the incumbent schools, and we got some amazing championship matches out of it.