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DC Teams - An NCTTA Thanksgiving Tradition

By NCTTA | Jan. 08, 2017, 5:36 p.m. (ET)


DC Teams - An NCTTA Thanksgiving Tradition

The 2016 Joola North American Teams tournament seems to be an NCTTA Thanksgiving Tradition where both current players and alumni gather for some holiday fun and pong! A total of 179 teams and 714 players descended upon National Harbor in Maryland over the Thanksgiving Day weekend to play in three days of non stop Table Tennis.

NCTTA fielded its own team captained by Mid-Altantic Regional Director, Seemant Teotia, featuring NCTTA ALUMS and current players: Willy & Shelly Leparulo, Vanessa Petroj and current NCTTA player from UCONN Josue Layuno. Other folks present at the tournament from College Table Tennis was the Alcoholic's Anonymous team (yes I am not kidding, real team name) made up of University of Minnesota advisor, John Tranter and the Georgia Division Director trio of Calvin Lam, Tuan Pham and Hwa Lew.

Alumni were also present like Pamela Song (UW Madison), Shaun Sapp (University of North Florida) and others! Current players came from Baruch College (Michel Levinski, Sean Reddy), SUNY Stonybrook (Sho Miyazaki), Cornell University (Gideon Teitel), Mississippi College (Cheng Li-Coach), Columbia University (Bryan Song) and many more too many to name.

This strong showing of College Table Tennis students, alumni and staff show how great we are and how are presence livens up the tournament with our screams and cho's! As per usual complaints were levied from the non NCTTA'ers not used to how we do things #loudnproud

Pictured above is a group picture of College TT fans, players and alumni.