Experts on Duty for National Team at 2017 Super Camp

By Matt Hetherington | Dec. 29, 2017, 7:25 a.m. (ET)

Not only are the hard working players at the 2017 Super Camp treated to top class conditions at the Triangle Table Tennis Center, but as day 2 began it was clear to see that they had been dealt an incredibly valuable coaching staff for their week of training. Coaches from across the country gathered together with the aim of sharing their experience and knowledge of the game and off training methods. 

At the head of the pack is indeed USATT High Performance Director Joerg Bitzigeio, formerly the National Coach of the German Women's Table Tennis Team, having had much success coaching the US teams abroad in 2017 at the World Championships and Pan American events. His newly formed support crew include 4-time Olympian Gao Jun, one of the two current National Head Coaches hailing from her club California Table Tennis. Gao's unique accomplishments as one of the world's top female players in her time and as a skilled coach have already proven a significant asset to the girl's coaching group. 

Supporting the backbone of the camp is the newly formed National Coaching Development Team, featuring Maryland Table Tennis Center's Wang Qingliang, Swan Warriors TTC and 2014 US Open Champion Tao Wenzhang and former Dutch Olympic Team Coach Pieke Franssen, now supporting Alameda Club. 

Bitzigeio and Franssen add valuable career experience from Europe into the mix, with the former having coached Germany to take the European Championships crown in Women's Singles, while Franssen was successful in leading the Dutch Women's team to take the team crown at the same event. 

Rounding off the superb group are 2016 World Junior Championships team coach Qi Wei, Yang Shigang from Atlanta International Table Tennis Academy, Zhang Yichi from Experior Table Tennis Club in Chicago and Min Kyun Kim from MK Table Tennis Academy, Atlanta. Joining the players out on the table is also Ma Jinbao, a high level training partner from Swan Warriors TTC.

The group have already engaged in a multitude of table drills, creative footwork and coordination exercises, multiball drills and physical exercises, last night ending with a video analysis session of a handful of international matches. It is for certain that with such a staff of experienced and invested coaches that the players will get a lot out of this Super Camp as they work hard to advance their development.

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