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By Tej Pratap Singh | Dec. 12, 2017, 9:13 p.m. (ET)

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JOOLA Teams 2017 Results:

We just uploaded complete results of JOOLA Teams 2017 results. Follow the links below for complete results or matches for any specific team or player.

  • View all results.
  • Search for any team matches.
  • Search for any player matches.


Feature List:

Thinking about running a tournament for your club or trying to find out if there is a way to accept online entries or even how to effortlessly share results for the tournament. offers brand new technology to do just that.

To all those clubs who want to get started with running a tournament and are getting intimidated by the nitty gritty of running a tournament. Please don’t be.

You can now run a tournament/league even if you have little or no expertise.

Any questions like what format to run or how to create draws or how to advance players from RR to SE, look no further. has a comprehensive user guide which lays out all the information for you. Additionally, below is the non-comprehensive list of features offered by to make your tournament look like a smooth sail.






Entries – web?

Search players using following options:
1. {partial last name}
2. {partial last name}, {partial first name}
3. {partial last name}, {partial first name},{STATE}
4. {USATT#}
Key in non-members.


Player online registration available?



Players able to pay online?

Yes - embedded bank account, debit card and/or credit card payment in PayPal to go directly to tournament PayPal account.


Rating update?

Offline Version: You can load rating file.
Online Version: Latest rating files to be uploaded by administrators to make available for users.


Web access needed to run tournament?

No-Offline version
Yes-Online version


Separate 1st round opponents in multiple events?

Flags duplicate match ups between 2 players from previous events in RR Draw screen.
Useful to avoid 2 of the same players playing each other more than once.


Group size limit?

No limit


RR size groups?

No limit


RR draws Geographical separation?

Show clubs next to player names so user can swap players to avoid geographical conflicts.


RR change player positions?

SWAP: May swap between 2 players with drop down menu next to player row.
MOVE: May move single player into any RR group without swapping.
DELETE: Delete any player from the draw without affecting rest of the draw.


RR player added after draws are created?

Choose the group and position to insert new player without affecting the existing draw.


RR How many can advance?

Any number (maximum number of players in RR group).
Configure while creating events.


RR to RR to SE or RR?

Yes, supports all the below:
1. RR
2. SE
3. RR to RR
4. RR to SE
5. RR to RR to RR
6. RR to RR to SE
7. RR -> Multiple SE (based on group standings)


RR to RR 2 advance to separate groups?

Yes, in fact, you can advance ALL players in the preliminary RR groups into separate playoff RR divisions.
Example 1: you may advance number 1 finishers from all RR groups into next RR group as 1st division, advance number 2 finishers from all RR groups into next RR group as 2nd divisions, number 3 finishers into 3rd divisions, and number 4 finishers into 4th divisions.
Example 2: you may change the parameters to advance number 1 and 2 finishers into 1st division and number 3 and 4 finishers into 2nd division. Extremely flexible.


SE change positions?

Single click on drop down menu next to player to switch positions.


RR Match sheets?

Individual or groups with names


Score input?

Enter points then see both points and games scores.


Tie breaking?

Identifies 2-way 3-way ties clearly with MatchPoints, GamesRatio and PointsRatio.


Tie breaking displayed?

Not just for Referee but also on view scores screen.


Report to USATT?

Generate Following:
1. Results (point scores) w/o names in .csv format
2. Membership file w/ new and renewal membership details in .csv format and
3. Tournament report to tally up membership amount and tournament pass to pay USATT in Excel format.


Report to TD?

Read-only results posted online (point scores) w/names


Publish results to web?

Yes - RR/SE shows game scores and match points available in tabular forms.


Swiss format?



Doubles/Teams competition format?



Runs on Mac devices?

Yes, via Chrome browser. Apple Safari browser is buggy.


Allows multiple event discounts?

Yes, has option to allow discount by number of events and/or above/below certain ratings.


Advance players from RR without entering scores by simply selecting the finishing positions?



Allows multiple users to use the program (For example, 1 user does checking in of players on laptops, 1 user perform the draw on a tablet, and 1 user perform scores inputs on a cell phone)



For more information check out the complete tournament software user guide from

Stay tuned for more updates!