Pro Table Tennis Team Gives Helping Hand to Youth Education at Topspin New York

By Matt Hetherington | Dec. 08, 2017, 2:46 p.m. (ET)

Photo: The Topspin Pro Table Tennis contingent with Mark Tatum, Deputy Commissioner of the NBA

The 9th Annual Topspin Charity event kicked off in New York City on the evening of December 6 and with the help of the Topspin crew, JOOLA USA and a crew of Pro exhibition players from the east coast, the event was again a most enjoyable and successful experience. 

While the first order of the night was putting on an entertaining performance and fighting past each other to gain supremacy, the main goal of the night was to put the Topspin Charity and it's mission in the spotlight. Topspin has been in existence since 2009 and helps to fund non-profit organizations which have a focus on aiding the education crisis in the New York area. Last year Topspin New York and Las Vegas events raised half a million dollars for five organizations. To find out more, visit the Topspin Charity Website.

In the world of table tennis this an annual event which the players have always been excited to attend. With live music from DJ Kalkutta an open bar and an array of small food pop-ups inside the venue, this is an event that draws hundreds of individuals to network, relax, compete and enjoy table tennis - all while supporting an outstanding cause. 

This year the Pro Team consisted of US Olympians Jennifer Wu and Tom Feng, they were joined by defending Topspin Champion Adam Hugh, US National Team member Adar Alguetti, Indian Junior Team member Mudit Dani, Long Island's in-house Egyptian Pro Ahmed El-Malah, another strong competitor from the New York area Eddy She and New Zealand National Team member Matt Hetherington. 2008 Beijing Quarterfinalist Wang Chen also attended the event along with a handful of volunteers from her club who helped support the event. 

The players would face off in a single exhibition game to 11 points in front of a buzzing audience in the Metropolitan Pavilion in the heart of New York. The players showcased with Mudit Dani drawing excitement early on with his long lobbing rallies and stunning backshots against Rio Olympian Jennifer Wu. The 8 players started in a quarterfinal knockout draw and it was the US players who forced the point with all 4 semifinalists having represented the United States. 

In the semifinals it would be up to the Olympians to see if they could reach the final hurdle but it was not to be the case. Adam Hugh with his eyes on a title defense squeezed a win over Jennifer Wu with countless lob and smash rallies and exciting counterloop exchanges. Adar Alguetti would assert himself over Tom Feng and setup a final showdown with Hugh.

The final was played out longer with a single game to 21. The end result would see Adam Hugh successfully reclaim his crown and take away a JBL bluetooth speaker as his prize. You can see some of the match below which was livestreamed to USATT Facebook Page.

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience for the players and as always is one of the highlights of the year. As always we look forward to next year's event and encourage everyone when the opportunity arises to get a ticket and attend, it's a fantastic evening!