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Sportfist Launch Offline Tournament Software for Windows

By | April 18, 2017, 6:40 p.m. (ET)

sportfist online tournament software

Offline Table Tennis Tournament Software For Windows Launched By

  • You might be comfortable in using your old software/excel but in fact missing out big time on what a modern software should offer.

  • So much effort goes in running a tournament/league, then why not let players, organizers & friends see all the scores, draws, ties & stats on web as soon as you are ready.

  • Online version still supports all the features available in offline version.

  • Try it out for free. You got nothing to lose


We strive to make table tennis a more fascinating sport by generating interesting data points which engages everybody associated with the sport - be it players, directors, referees, coaches & club owners among other officials.

Tournament Directors and Referees have to put in so much work to run a tournament and just makes all that work more fruitful by automatically creating public pages for Tournament Details, Results, RR Draws and SE Draws in a very modern way. Sharing PDF documents for scores and draws is now passé, this is 2017 and people need social media shareable links for draws, scores, stats and that too right after tournament.
How to get started?

  1. Create an online account at and send an email to requesting director access.

  2. Once access is granted visit "My Tournaments" screen to download app.

  3. Download and install the SportfistSetup executable.

  4. Login to desktop app using your online credentials. (Valid for 30 days)

  5. Tournaments can be created online only and then imported in desktop app.


  7. Run your tournament/league. (Add players, add events, create draws, take prints, record scores, check financial & registration report etc.)


  9. Upload tournament draws/results/scores to server with one click.

  10. Share the links for draws, scores, summary on Facebook.


Tons of screenshots & samples are available in the getting started guide.

Running one tournament per month is free – so go right ahead and email to get started.

It is our mission to connect players, coaches and clubs using the best technologies possible, every single day.

Screenshot #1: Login Page


Screenshot #2: My Tournaments Page


Screenshot #3 Dashboard Page


Screenshot #4: Left Menu (Tournament specific items)


Screenshot #5: Right Menu (Generic items)


Stay tuned for more updates!


Tej Pratap Singh