Destination: Destin

By Coach Roger Dickson | March 17, 2016, 1:07 a.m. (ET)

ITTF Level 1 Coaching and Course

Destination: Destin

March 10-13th 2016

Destin, Florida

ITTF Level 1 Coaching Course

1-Gary Fraiman 2-Serra Abel 3- John Reynolds 4-Emily Curtis 5- LA Johnston 6-Roger Dickson 7-Dan “Griff” Griffin
8-Kim Jones 9-Rex Bowman 10-Ray Cavicchio 11-Pat Markey 12-Phil Gehres 13-Lynn Clark

Though delayed from last summer, the first ITTF Level 1 course in NW Florida got a great start on March 10th 2016. Through the hard work and efforts of Ray Cavicchio – who personally created scholarships for PE teachers in the area and donated 10 tables to participating schools – a 50/50 mix of teaching professionals and table tennis enthusiasts from across Florida arrived for the course.  

Hosted at the Destin Community Center, a very common theme came from all the participants – to add table tennis to the curriculum of their schools or community. Giving youth opportunities to play is the key to continued growth of this wonderful sport of table tennis! 

Former Belarus International Level Coach Gary Fraiman said “The enthusiasm these PE and Athletic Directors show in learning table tennis reminds and excites me for the future of our sport in the public schools”. Getting coaching professionals like Gary to start the ITTF Certification process also shows both how crucial and valuable continued personal education is for ALL coaches! 

All 12 did a great job with passing the class material and they are anxious to get the needed practical experience to become fully certified as ITTF Level 1 coaches! 

Many thanks go to Ray, Pat and all of the class who really brought their “A” game to this course!