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Sportfist Online table tennis tournament software

By Tej Pratap Singh | June 14, 2016, 6:54 p.m. (ET)

Sportfist - Online table tennis tournament software

We strive to make table tennis a more fascinating sport by generating interesting data points which really engages everybody associated with the sport - be it players, directors, referees, coaches & club owners among other officials.

Tournament Directors and Referees have to put in so much work to run a tournament and just makes all that work more fruitful by automatically creating public pages for Tournament Details, Results, RR Draws and SE Draws in a very modern way. Sharing PDF documents for scores and draws is now passé, this is 2016 and people need social media shareable links for draws, scores, stats and that too right after tournament.

At the tournament level interesting data points like total players, total events, total matches, total games and total points are generated right after the tournament.

Imagine players who competed as well as their friends now being able to see the draws, scores, tie details match (W-L %), game (W-L %), point (W-L %) for all the competing players right after the tournament. That's exactly the value provided by for players, club owners, tournament directors & referees.

Check out these public pages for the recent WTTC APR 2016 OPEN 4-star sanctioned tournament.

  1. View Tournament Page
  2. View Tournament Results
  3. View Tournament Summary
  4. Open Singles - RR Draws
  5. Open Singles - SE Draws

Tournament Directors and Referees should also checkout the following screens for a demo tournament.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Add Players
  3. Add Events
  4. Edit Open Singles RR Draws
  5. Edit Open Singles SE Draws
  6. Configure Doubles
  7. Registration & Financial Report
  8. Print – RR Draws Group Sheet
  9. Print – RR Draws Match Cards
  10. Print – SE Draws
  11. Print – SE Draws Match Cards
  12. USATT Player CSV File
  13. USATT Results CSV File
  14. Dashboard (GRR Only)
  15. Add Stages (GRR Only)
  16. Select Players (GRR Only)

Tons of screenshots & samples are available in the getting started guide.

Running one tournament per month is absolutely free – so go right ahead and email or call (551) 587-7525 to get started.

It is our mission to connect players, coaches and clubs using the best technologies possible, every single day.  Stay tuned for more updates!