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USATT Super Camp - Day 12

By Sean O'Neill | July 22, 2016, 1:16 p.m. (ET)

USATT Super Camp - Day Twelve by Sean O'Neill

The camp lost super chaperone Larry Hodges and chief social media guru Matt Hetherington but the players stepped it up for a strong Friday of physical training, two training sessions and a chance to watch the Singapore Olympic Team start their preparation for Rio.  Seeing the Singaporean team go through their multi-ball, serving, footwork drills allowed the kids to understand exactly what Danny and Sean had been stressing for the past week:

  • No Free Points
  • Stay up to the table 
  • Work your strength's into play
  • Build the the point
  • Fight for the loose ball
  • Get to the hall earBe ready to play early
  • Be the last to leave the hall
  • When there is an odd number go practice your serves without being told
  • Have pride in your practice

The morning physical training session gave the team a chance to hit multi stations of cone work, medicine ball throws, ladders steps and a resistance recoil rope.  Former Dutch national Coach Pieke Franssen of the Alameda TTC ran the ladders station, USATT High Performance Director Cory Eider covered the cones, Hall of Famer Danny Seemiller tossed out the medicine balls.  Everyone worked really hard and we could begin to see their leg muscles develop!

The midday training session featured Sean with the younger group and Danny with the elder players.  Short game was the theme of the training with a big focus on stepping in and stepping out for each shot.  Sean stressed the importance of adding underspin to the drop shots and to use wrist on all short balls. Kai and Aziz Zarehbin along with Pieke headed for the airport after a couple of smashing and defending drills thanks to auto service provided by LYTTC's Barry Dattel.

The kids took their afternoon break under the watchful eyes of Hoang Tran and Ms. Naresh  (Sid and Nandan's mom).  Prior to the evening session the watch more of the Singaporean Team in action with head coach Chen Zhiben calling the shots.

The evening session had Sean doing multi-ball with select kids while Danny gave his group more game play and focused drills on placement.  Tomorrow is the final day which will include a banquet and celebration of a great two weeks of training with the future hopes of a stronger Team USA upon us.