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11 Questions with Logan Herman

By USATT | Jan. 26, 2016, 12 a.m. (ET)

 Logan Herman

USATT Insider poses 11 questions to Logan Herman

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1)      Why do you play? 

I play because table tennis is impossible to master. It is almost always very fast, and encourages creativity and altering your strategy on the spot.

2)      Which is your favorite tournament? 

Newgy Ohio (September and March). The drive is not that long and the conditions are great.

3)      Who is your primary nemesis?  

My mentality. I usually don’t lose confidence, but sometimes I can’t think about strategy very clearly in a match.

4)      What is your favorite game tactic to score? 

Short, dead serve followed up by a huge drive.

5)      Thoughts on the Poly Ball.  

The poly ball is bittersweet. I am not a big spin player, so there’s that. Unfortunately, the consistency of the poly ball isn’t great.

6)      Toughest Loss?  

U-2000 quarterfinal at the Strongsville Snakeseed Open. I was down 0-2 but found myself leaping ahead in the 5th set. I guess my opponent adjusted and I lost what seemed like 100 points in a row to lose the match.

7)      Greatest Win?  

U-1500 semifinal at the Steel City Open. I was down 0-2 with the third set slipping away. My brother urged me to stop being passive, eventually leading to a 3-2 win (and later the title!)

8)      How you prepare for a tournament?  

I try to make training a little more intense, but also play lots of practice matches.

9)     When you see a new player at the club, what do you do?  

9. Point them to registration so they can start playing.

10)   Player you would most like to play in a tournament?  

Hao Shuai. Maybe I could try lobbing or something.

11)   If you had to face Kanak Jha what would your game plan be? 

Have some fun, go for some crazy shots!